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Terremoto Giappone - corrispondenza con l'Hombu Dojo


La presidenza di AIKO ha inviato in questi giorni lettera di simpatia ed incoraggiamento all'Hombu Dojo a nome di tutti i praticanti dell'Associazione, di seguito é la lettera in questione e la risposta ricevuta.


Dear Tani-san,

It is with great sorrow and distress that I have been following the awful events striking Japan in these last days.

I hardly can find the right words to express my feelings in such a heartbreaking moment. Nonetheless, I am writing this letter to you on behalf of all the Associazione AIKO people to sincerely express a sign of sympathy to you, your family, your friends and your colleagues in Japan.

The terrible images of the Great Earthquake at first, the Tsunami then, and at last the explosions of the buildings of the Fukushima nuclear plant with the resulting threat for radiation pollution, have shocked us all, leaving us speechless and frightened for the lives of the Japanese people.

The tragedy of these days brought our minds back to the April of 2009, when a strong earthquake hit the city of L’Aquila in Italy causing hundreds of casualties. We can still feel the pain for that event and, although is a nonsense to put side-by-side disasters, we honestly relate it with what you are living at this time and feel true compassion.

Please know that heart and spirit of all of us is close to you.
I pray for you and your  people and for the current situation to evolve as quickly as possible for the better.

With warm regards

Silvio Giannelli
Associazione AIKO



Dear Mr. Giannelli,

Thank you very much for your concern and kind words.

The situation in many cities on the Pacific Ocean coast is very serious. But no damage to buildings and houses has been reported in Tokyo, and we at Hombu are continuing normal daily activities. The accident of Fukushima nuclear power plant will be controlled and we will pass the crisis . Yet we need to endure and overcome the hard time.


Thank you again and best regards,

M. Tani

Hombu Dojo